Sometimes Simple is Best

Too Flashy

Over the years of designing and making business cards for clients, the desire and almost impenetrable need for something flashy is the most common mistake the I usually try to sway my customers away from. I understand the appeal of wanting something to stand out but when it comes to running a successful business and trying to look as professional as possible, sometimes simple is best.

Simple, clean, and to the point. This is what you are trying to convey when it comes to your business card. You don’t want to look like you are screaming for attention and want everyone in the room to look at you and remember your name. Although of course you want whoever to remember your name and business, you don’t want to look desperate for business and if a deal doesn’t go through, who cares?

I Want Something…

Alright, so maybe the example picture up top is a little bit boring and most people would agree (including me) that you should have some sort of element on it to separate you from others.

Sometimes all this takes is a light color instead of just black and white. If you took the same card above and maybe made the background black with white lettering it would make the whole vibe of the card different and more “James Bondish.”

Remember the most important thing, keep your industry in mind. You want your card to represent what your business is. I’ll talk more about colors next.


Where to Begin

Too Flashy


I think the first and most obvious thing to consider when deciding on a good business card is what industry are you in and what kind of potential clients will you be handing these cards out to?

I have seen and have had a lot of clients who want cards like this one and usually I advise against it. There is a select few industries out there where having a business card this extravagant would be acceptable like maybe a tattoo shop or a musician like I am assuming the one above is for.

The main piece of advice I have given clients over the years is that you really don’t want anything that is going to make you look like you are trying too hard to be remembered and stand out. In a way, this could be a good thing but like most things in life; everything in moderation.

There are lots to consider like I talked about yesterday and for the most part, simple and professional is the best route to go.

If you do decide that you want to go above and beyond and get a card that is more of an accessory than a business card, I would suggest to not be too cheap when going through a card maker. If you are going to have something like this done, be prepared to spend a little bit more on high quality material and pictures.


Lasting Impression


A lot of people overlook the importance of having a business card that stands out and leaves a lasting impression to whoever is on the receiving end of said card. That being said, you don’t want to design a card that’s too flashy and attention seeking. You want one that is sleek and elegant, yet isn’t the same generic card that every other person in the work force has.

Lots to Consider

For anyone that may have felt a little overwhelmed or didn’t know exactly what I meant by the paragraph above, this is going to be the place for you. I have been designing business cards since 2009 and have seen them all.

I have had clients want cards basically covered in glitter which is a huge mistake and makes the person look like they are trying much too hard and are desperate. On the other end of the spectrum I have had clients want the exact opposite and nothing more than their name, business, and contact information on a white card with black font. This is another common mistake that people make because although you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, you need something to make your card stand out from others.

There are a ton of factors that go into choosing the right business card and I, Pixel, am going to be your go to source for anything and everything business cards!