Don’t Hide Behind Your Card


Now that we have gone over some of the more important topics when it comes to designing your new business card I can talk a little bit about what to focus on and what is important.

Don’t Rely Too Much On Your Card

I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t spend a lot of time and put a lot of effort into your business cards but don’t lose focus on what is even more important; you!

Of course, your card should leave an impression on whoever you are giving it to and should stand out from others but that doesn’t mean that you can sit back and let your card do all of the work for you. You need to make sure not only your business card is memorable, but you are as well. You can have the fanciest and best design in the world but if you are bland and don’t stand out when you are handing it over then it is all for nothing.

Make sure that your personality matches your card and that you are just as memorable. Just like your card, you don’t want to seem desperate but you need to stand out from others. It is all about finding that happy medium where you are going to be a face that will stand out from the crowd but for the right reasons.

Applying Everything We’ve Learned


Alright ladies and gentlemen I think now you all have a pretty decent understanding on the basics that go into designing the appropriate business card for yourself. We have touched on colors, graphics, and how to avoid appearing desperate. These are the 3 main things that I focus on with my clients and I find them to be the most common mistakes or things that people overlook when they are designing.

Pop Quiz

So I threw in some videos of an exterminator company a few posts back on here and I think this would be a good example to go over a few of the points we have talked about on here. Let’s take a look at this company here at and try and decide what would be an appropriate card for their business. 

The first thing we need to consider is what the actual company is which I think is pretty obvious. This isn’t a conventional business or client that I get so I think this is a good example.

First Things First…

Very rarely do I recommend doing any kind of different shapes or designs with business cards but with everything, there are exceptions. I don’t think an exception would really apply to this company so I think we can all safely agree that the standard 3.5 x 2 inches would be the most appropriate thing to do here.

The Fun Stuff

This is where I believe having a less “traditional” card would definitely be appropriate for a business like pest control. Although they definitely don’t want to make a joke of their company or anything like that, I think they can get away with having a more fun design or colors and can feel safe in doing so.

Let’s think about what these guys do and what the goal of an effective business card should be. The first and most important goal that they should be trying to reach is to stand out from other pest control companies. If you want to put a small graphic on your card, first think about what other companies might be doing as well. I think it would be safe to assume that you wouldn’t be the first person to have the idea of putting some mouse or rat traps in the background and probably wouldn’t quite enough to stand out from other exterminators. Think outside of the box and try to think of something that isn’t “gimmicky” and is unlikely that someone else would think of it.

As far as colors go, this is up to the owner and as long as you keep in mind some of the tips that I went over earlier in regards to subtle meanings that colors can portray you should be pretty safe in whatever you decide.




So I think I have covered most of the basics in regards to designing business cards now that I talked about images and graphics. I figured this would be a good time to do a little recap of everything I have covered on here and give anyone a chance who hasn’t been keeping up.

In General…

If there is one piece of advice I could give you to encompass it all it would have to be to keep it simple.


As with everything when it comes to business cards, this can vary from situation to situation and of course can have exceptions depending on what business you are in. The majority of my clients are in pretty standard businesses and aren’t really trying to convey much more than what they are representing and the vast majority of my clients should definitely stick to standard colors and standard (if any) images.

The main goal of your business card is to stand out from your competition, but at the same time not seem desperate. This is a very fine line and can make or break your chances with whoever you are giving your cards to.

Although this might seem obvious, don’t forget to leave out all of your important information on your card because this is a mistake that is made more often than you would think. Click here for a few basic facts in regards to business cards if there was anything I didn’t cover.

I’ll go over a more specific example and what would be appropriate tomorrow.