I think the first and most obvious thing to consider when deciding on a good business card is what industry are you in and what kind of potential clients will you be handing these cards out to?

I have seen and have had a lot of clients who want cards like this one and usually I advise against it. There is a select few industries out there where having a business card this extravagant would be acceptable like maybe a tattoo shop or a musician like I am assuming the one above is for.

The main piece of advice I have given clients over the years is that you really don’t want anything that is going to make you look like you are trying too hard to be remembered and stand out. In a way, this could be a good thing but like most things in life; everything in moderation.

There are lots to consider like I talked about yesterday and for the most part, simple and professional is the best route to go.

If you do decide that you want to go above and beyond and get a card that is more of an accessory than a business card, I would suggest to not be too cheap when going through a card maker. If you are going to have something like this done, be prepared to spend a little bit more on high quality material and pictures.


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