So I think I have covered most of the basics in regards to designing business cards now that I talked about images and graphics. I figured this would be a good time to do a little recap of everything I have covered on here and give anyone a chance who hasn’t been keeping up.

In General…

If there is one piece of advice I could give you to encompass it all it would have to be to keep it simple.


As with everything when it comes to business cards, this can vary from situation to situation and of course can have exceptions depending on what business you are in. The majority of my clients are in pretty standard businesses and aren’t really trying to convey much more than what they are representing and the vast majority of my clients should definitely stick to standard colors and standard (if any) images.

The main goal of your business card is to stand out from your competition, but at the same time not seem desperate. This is a very fine line and can make or break your chances with whoever you are giving your cards to.

Although this might seem obvious, don’t forget to leave out all of your important information on your card because this is a mistake that is made more often than you would think. Click here for a few basic facts in regards to business cards if there was anything I didn’t cover.

I’ll go over a more specific example and what would be appropriate tomorrow.

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