After reading over my post from yesterday on whether or not it is appropriate to use pictures or certain images on your business card, I want to stay on the subject because I think my post may have been a little misleading and I want to make sure I am conveying what I want to on here.

Never Clear Cut

Yesterday I said that I usually don’t recommend going with a picture for most of my clients and I think that might have sounded misleading to anyone reading it. What I meant was for the majority of my clients, it generally isn’t a good fit. As a whole however, using an image or picture on your card is generally a good idea as long as it is tasteful, professional, and fits the business.

I am not the biggest fan of this card but being in the tech industry, I can see why they would choose something like this.

If you are out there looking for a job, you want your potential employer to remember who you are. So if you go to a convention you can bet your bottom dollar that every one else who is coming is going to be handing out business cards as well. You want them to remember you and for the most part, a small picture is just the thing to do it.

Let’s go back to this pest company I mentioned before:

These are not the clients I usually have come to me for my services but a company like this would be absolutely perfect to include some graphics and really wouldn’t have to worry about it looking too unprofessional.

I hope I’m making sense to some of you out there and am not all over the place on this thing. But hey, that’s why I am in the business of business cards and not a writer.

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