Now that you know the basics in regards to adding some sort of image or graphic on your business card I can start giving you some of my personal advice when it comes to the subject and what I have seen over the years with clients.

Be Original

I have had a lot of people come to me with an idea for a business card and almost always want to include some sort of picture or graphic on it. While I usually advice against using a picture for my clients’ cards (it really isn’t appropriate for most professional businesses), I usually always recommend using a unique graphic if they really have their hearts set on using one. What I mean by this is try to use something other than a clip art piece that you can pull up and find in a few minutes on Google images. There are a ton of cliche pictures for every business out there and I really try and sway my clients away from using any of them. It doesn’t set you apart from your competitors and it shows that you lack creativity.

This is a good example of what I would recommend and actually love these cards:

It’s simple, clean, creative, and very unique which is always great. See their subtle choice of colors for each card? White background with a light color print sets a tone of calmness and the pictures they used aren’t something you can just find with a simple Google search.

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