As promised here and now that I have talked about girls and their obsession with pink and the possible consequences of choosing the color for their business card I figured this would be the perfect time to talk about guys and what the biggest mistake I have seen them make when it comes to choosing the right color for their business cards.


I think we can all agree that most men want to convey their great success and this is no different when it comes to their choice of business cards.

The majority of clients that I have that are guys want to go with gold and they want a lot of it. While the color gold definitely can signify class and wealth, you really have to be careful with how much of it you use. The right amount can portray success and strength but adding too much can give off an arrogant or pretentious message to anyone who gets the card which can be a deal breaker in the business world.

Gold is also unique because what colors you combine with it can drastically change the meaning and what you are trying to convey. For example, if you combine it with purple you are trying to convey a sense of luxury and wealth but combining with blue conveys a sense of genuine honesty.

Remember, everything I talk about on here depends on what business you are in so always keep that in mind when reading.

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