Have you decided whether you want to go with a white or black base for your business card yet? Well, if you don’t think either of them suit your business do not worry my friends because there are still lots of options to choose from and they all say something about you and your business and have pros and cons to all of them.

I’ll talk a little bit about some of the more popular colors that I have had requests for and what they say about their business.


I think it goes without saying that a lot of girls love pink and this is no exception when it comes to business cards.

I do not recommend choosing the color of your card solely on your taste of said color however, and this is especially true for pink. While the color pink definitely has its place in the business card world I would urge anyone caution if they are considering using it.

While the color pink does give off a sense of calm and collectiveness, I think it is often not taken seriously. This is especially true when women are giving the card to men. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of guys out there who don’t look at women as equals, especially in the workplace (I am not one of these men ladies, I promise!). If they are already looking at you in this way then pink might be another sign of immaturity and your need to have everything pink.

Don’t worry girls; I’ll talk about guys’ biggest mistake next.

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