Now that I have touched on white cards yesterday, we can talk about going the total opposite direction with an all black card.


Black business cards have to be my favorite when it comes to a base color and I think always turn out to be the most professional looking. If you are thinking about going with black then be aware that this is going to make you look like you might have a lot of power and control over your business which for the most part is a good thing. But you also don’t want to appear cocky or arrogant when you hand out the card because this could create an intimidating vibe and people might want to steer clear of you.

I think handing out a black card in combination with a friendly and very warm attitude is the best combination and you can’t go wrong.

On one hand, your card tells them that you are very serious about what you do and like to take care of business first. Then on the other your warming and charming personality tells them that you are in fact still a person and someone that they can relate to.

The colors that you lay on top of the black print can change the subliminal vibe of the card completely and I will go into a little more detail about that on the next one.

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