Now that I have touched on having a simple business card, this one is going to be for those who think that they want to branch out a little bit and add some color to their business card.

Word of Caution

A lot of clients of mine over the years don’t believe me when I tell them that the colors that you choose to use for your business card actually says quite a lot about you and the image of your business. So like my post about your card being too flashy, the industry that you are in and what your consumer base is should be the main focus when deciding what colors you want to use.

What Does Your Card Say?

There is actually quite a bit of psychology that goes into colors and there is no exception to when it comes to the color of your business cards.

For example, an all white card with no other colors on it tells people that you are a safe and conservative person and might not be a risk taker. If you choose to put some colors on the card then the lighter they are the less professional your card appears to others and they might not take you as serious as you would have hoped.

At the same time, white cards are the most common used so take this info with a grain of salt. You definitely wouldn’t be the only one with a white card!


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